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Bend International School logoBend International School came to us with the idea of a website that would mimic the ideas in their logo.  Their logo is a very cool design that incorporates the continents into the leaves of a tree that appears to be growing out of the name of the school.  The school becomes the roots of the global education model that Bend International School is based upon.  The website mirrors that idea with the logo being top and center with the content filling in below as the “roots.”

The website was also designed with an events calendar, donation form and was used to register people for their One World Gala they hosted in January 2015.  Since the school is bilingual and includes Spanish Immersion as part of the curriculum the website can also automatically translate the pages into Spanish.

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Events Calendar
Donations Form
Language Translator
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Website Design

Search Engine Optimization

Spanish Language

Events Calendar

Responsive Website Design

Smartphones and tablets are a huge part of daily life now.  Websites don’t only need to be functional, but they should also be easy to navigate.  Responsive websites are also better for SEO.  Google knows if your website is ‘mobile-friendly’ and will rank a site differently on mobile devices.  If your website isn’t responsive, or doesn’t have a mobile version, it won’t rank as well when people are using their phones and tablets to do searches.

For Bend International School we designed a responsive WordPress theme that looks great no matter what type of device you’re on.  In fact, all of the websites that we design at Bend Pro Web Design are responsive, so you know your website will look great, work great and rank great.

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