High Desert Memorials

Single Page Website Example

High Desert Memorials came to us looking for a simple way for people to see what they have to offer and how to get in contact with them.  This single page website was designed to show many examples of their work in a clean, simple way.  A simple pop-up contact form lets their clients easily send a message to them as well.

Visit their website at highdesertmemorials.com

Single page design
Multiple photo galleries
Pop-up contact form
Search engine optimization

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Website Design

Photo galleries

Photo Galleries


Enhanced Landing Page Design

Not every business needs a huge website.  Sometimes a single page can say it all.  We took a simple landing page style website and loaded it up with photo galleries for High Desert Memorials.  What they really wanted was a website people could visit to see examples of their work.  The page is laid out in the different styles of memorials they make with scrolling links to easily take to to each section.

A landing page style website is like an online calling card for your business and is an affordable way to get your business online.  Every business, large or small, needs a website.  Call us today to get a website for your business.

High Desert Memorials Website

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