Iron Rider TV

Iron Rider TV is a new TV show under development about motorcycle culture.  We built this website for them to build on until the TV show goes live.  Once the show hits the air we’ll be adding a ton more content.  There will be video clips from the show, a “Featured Rides” photo gallery that showcases some of the amazing motorcycles they see, and a store where you will be able to purchase Iron Rider TV merchandise.  There is an Events/Rides page that lets them share rides and events they may be filming at in the near future.

We wanted the Iron Rider website to be as cool as the bikes on the show so we created a dark design with a video background for the homepage.  Show sponsors get their logos featured on different logo sliders around the website. They also have a killer logo themselves that you have to check out.

Check it out so far at

Screenshots of the Iron Rider TV website

Video Background
Logo Sliders
Events Blog
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Website Design

Search Engine Optimization

Logo Slider

Video Background

Background Video

Since this website is all about a television show about motorcycles, we took some clips of the footage they’ve shot and created a video background for the page.  What better way to show some of the footage you’ll see in the actual TV show.  Some of the clips were captured using GoPro cameras strapped to motorcycles giving you a close-up view of the road.

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