Litter Free Bend

We came across a non-profit organization called Litter Free Bend on Facebook one day.  It was started by Mary Medrano, a local Bend artist, who would pick up trash while she was out hiking on a lot of the trails around town.  Litter Free Bend is a group of people who have volunteered to help pick up trash and litter all over Bend and Central Oregon.  We love Bend and wanted to help so we offered to build a website for them to help spread the word.

Take a look at the website to see all of the different areas that are being kept clean by the Anti-Litter Bugs.  If you’re interested in helping by becoming one of the Anti-Litter Bugs you can sign up right on the website.



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Interactive Google Map

The Litter Free Bend website has an interactive Google map that displays the many areas being kept clean by their Anti-Litter Bugs.  You can zoom in and out on different areas of Bend and see who’s offered to help pick up litter in each area.  The map can be sorted by the different neighborhoods around Bend.  Each Anti-Litter Bug also gets their own page where they can tell a little bit about themselves and share pictures of how much trash they’ve cleaned up.

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