Pro Resort Housekeeping

Pro Resort Housekeeping is a website we designed for Steve Craig, a recognized national authority on Vacation Rental Housekeeping. The website is the home of the VR View, a paid-subscription blog where he delivers tips and techniques for the Vacation Rental Housekeeping industry.  Over his career that started in 1984 he has developed a huge inventory of training materials and DVDs.  the Pro Resort website also has an online store for people to purchase the DVDs and training materials.  We even filmed one of the training videos he sells on the website.

To keep his subscribers up to date, we created an Email Marketing campaign for him as well.

Visit him on the web at

53 Caddy Road
Rotunda West, FL 33947

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Paid Subscription Blog
Email Marketing

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Paid Subscription Blog

We’re there for you. Even if you’re nowhere near us.

While we work with many local businesses here in Central Oregon, we can work on your website no matter where you are.  Even though Pro Resort Housekeeping is based out of Florida we were able to collaborate through tele-conferencing, Skype, email and good old phone calls to make sure we were getting the website just right.  We kept his original website live until the new website was ready to launch, while the new website was being developed on-line so he could see and approve changes from Florida.

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