Mary Medrano Gallery

Mary Medrano is an artist with a studio in Downtown Bend.  She had a website that was previously built with Dreamweaver but decided to switch to a WordPress site because she wanted to be able to blog and make changes on her website herself.  Her art is mainly focused on pet portraits and animal paintings.  To show off her work we set her up with multiple photo gallery pages. The website also links to a store where you can purchase her paintings on-line.

What Mary really wanted from the website was a very simple and clean design.  No fluff or flashy nonsense.  Just a nice, minimalistic website to showcase her art.

Check out Mary’s artwork at or see her studio during First Friday at:

25 NW Minnesota Ave #12
Bend, OR 97701

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Minimalist Design

There is a time and place for everything.  For Mary Medrano’s website there was no place for flashy animations, blinking text or pop-up windows.  Simple and clean.  That was how it needed to be.  So we came up with a simple black and white layout with no clutter.  It allows her art to speak for itself.

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